About The Band

My Printer Broke, is a "freedom isn't free jazz" grunge ensemble from Seattle, Wa.
It currently consists of Garrett Kelly, Rachel LeBlanc & Zack Shaw. Rotating orbs also include, Bunker Kaziu, Jake Fiolek, Kenjob, Jared Harkness, & Catherine.

An Introduction To My Printer Broke,

We've recorded everything we've ever done. It's all here for you to download. If you want an introduction what we think is the 'core' MPB 'sound' start w/ these tracks:

Free Music (Newest First)

Cure For the Common Old

Rachel is learning to play guitar. In other news, My Printer Broke, is looking for a new guitar player who can't play guitar. How To Kick Someone Out Of Your Band

Heart Throb Nose Job

Things have slowed down for the old broken printer these days. But fear not - here's a straight to iPhone grunge rendition of the old spiritual hymn "Heart Throb Nose Job". Rachel/Garrett back at Cry Baby w/ their new band WaMü were abandoned by fellow bandmates on a Monday eve and so in turn recorded this turd. Be wowed.

Do not invite us to the coffee shop.

First ever Rachel/Garrett duo in public. Worst open mic ever.


Rachel, Garrett, and Eric Ostrowski. Like riding a bike.

Power Ballard Backlash

Live "Spotlight" performance at the infamous IN as part of the MOVE open mic. Zack comes groveling back after months and months of bad mouthing "the band" which he claims "doesn't exist". Probably one of the more feral live performances we've done, heavy on the theme of the fucking Seattle 'grange' scene, Obama birth certificate Americana dipshittery & Donald Trump jellying his hairjob up our collective asses.

P.S. Why do you still work at your job? I SAID QUIT ALREADY.

War Pigs

After what news reports are calling a Sabbatical, Garrett/Rachel return to the "My Printer Broke," inner state of being and churn out some cutthroat shit. Truth is, the band never stopped playing - we were just resting between notes for an obnoxiously long time. We also started a sister band in order to get 'famous' so we can devote all our time to My Printer Broke, ==> WaMü
Enjoy! And quit your job!

You took my laptop, I took your picture

Rachel/Garrett duo recorded straight to iPhone voice memo in the new practice space, an empty bedroom at Garrett's new house. These tracks are a philosophical response to Garrett having his laptop stolen by assholes and dealing w/ technology that can view the suspects as they play around on the internet w/ their new loot.

Prime Numbers

Trio w/ Kaz, Rachel, Garrett. No one drives so we had to use the instruments and amps that were in our new practice space. We put Rachel primarily on bass because it makes sense to make the guy with a broken foot (Kaz), play drums. These came out sounding sorta like Primus.

Moon Temple

Live show in the banquet room of the Moon Temple, a Chinese restaurant in Wallingford. This is where the band was originally concieved, some ten months previous. We go on last, right after a dj, at about 1:15 in the morning. The few stragglers still there are completely wasted and pumped up because of a surprise visit from the Seattle scarf guy. Set ends with a dart board falling on Zack, getting unplugged, and some asshole stealing Rachel's camera and inciting gang warfare. Recording ends prematurely, but manages to capture the first in a long line of performances of the National Anthem.

Full Tilt

(coming soon)

The Only Way I Know To Adapt, Is To Steal

Kaz, Rachel & Garrett trying out the new practice space, letting the beard rocks guys in the space next door that #grungeisback.

Changing Faces - Live At Carousel Festival 5

Part of the My Printer Broke, comeback tour. Stripped down to a power trio of Zack, Rachel, & Garrett.

Fourth Of July Romper Room

Garrett got incrediably drunk on the 4th to celebrate his independence. No one else who was hanging out at the house including family & friends were even tipsy. Garrett & Kenneth started making a loud racket. These tracks have occasional interruptions from upset guests.

Joel's Punk Rock Birthday Party'

We played for Joel's birthday party. He kept drawing pictures of himself singing for a band and so we honored his request, playing outside on his driveway for all of Ballard to hear.



What A Band, Where?

Two sets by Garrett. What or Who is My Printer Broke,? What is the true My Printer Broke, nature? Who belongs in the band? Who says? Everyone is in it they just don't know it yet, they just don't know it yet, they just don't know it yet.

Summer & Sleep Deprivation

I am so sleep deprived I don't even remember when we did this. Garrett&Rachel.

Snow Leopard

Caitlin Payne doing a My Printer Broke,, imitation on KAOS radio and living up to our motto: "Everyone is in the band, they just don't now it yet."

Fish Puke

Garrett solo. Experiment in bad blues. Jandek inspired. Trying to invoke the gag reflex while 'singing'. Thinking about the STUPID HORRIBLE FUCKING OIL SPILL helps.

Chopsticks Koan

A meditation on the movie 'Big'. Also, one time Garrett heard someone on a set of library steps open up his backpack, pull out some food, and exclaim "Fuck, what am I going to do with only one chopstick?". This track seeks to answer that question: Solo Garrett playing no-tuning guitar & one chopstick.


Exhibit A: Harsh realities of telecommuting. Solo Garrett. Exhibit B: New Age Therapy. Duo Rachel/Garrett.

Volcano Vacation

The end of a small get-together. The compression setting was set on the recording device so this is a pretty distorted account.

Metal Mayhem

My Printer Broke, has sorta become the 'house' band of Hollow Earth Radio - playing on Rachel's Wednesday show(5-7pm) more often than not. Here's a recent set w/ Kaz, Rachel & Garrett. Kaz brought this new electronic guitar and we played some Black Sabbath covers. After that, we took some metal air ducts that we pulled out of the new Hollow Earth Radio public space and banged on them. There is a brief barbershop quartet trio at the end.


Another AM Radio recording (blasting AM Radio static in the car driving around the Josephine looking for a parking space). Kaz is playing trumpet out the window, rolled down. Rachel is hitting a tambourine. The gas pedal is adjusting the pitch.

"Branches" is just that - Garrett playing a full drumset using a giant tree branch he found outside while walking around.


Zack/Garrett duo; a meditation on old age.

Turtle Rock

Amber had a doctors appointment so Garrett needed to watch the two kids she nanny's for an hour. After the kids threatened to cut off all of Garrett's hair and make him bald and continuously chanted the Imperial Death March, Garrett got the ingenius idea to setup an impromptu My Printer Broke, sesh. Here are Garrett, Lou (4) and Stella(3) playing several improvised tracks using microphone, drums, trumpet, bugle (played by the kids!), echo machine, clown horn, mini-accordian.

April Fools

April Fools show at the Josephine w/ Cock & Swan and the movies of So Spun We Spun West. Highlights according to Garrett: "Bleedly profusely like Sid Vicious, realizing in an instant that there is no way I am a hunter/gatherer, putting the Hanna Montana guitar in the recycling trash can and shaking it around while cranked up really loud and splashing beer everywhere, breaking three fuses, being awkward on stage and playing of the theme that we should really be done now, playing the drums with my Converse".

Notes on Boredom

Live on Hollow Earth Radio during Rachel's birthday radio show. Playing around with space, being obnoxious, not having anything to say, being awkard, boring you.

Epic Like Beowulf

March 28th, 2010 performance at New Crompton. First in an experiment to improvise music using chatroulette.com as a springboard. The whole night had chatroulette going for all the other bands but once we took the stage the internet cut out. Ah well, we're doing it again on April 1st. Garrett has a post about this show on his blog here boontdusties.com, including some videos and pictures.

This night we played w/ Rachel, Matt Fu, Jared, Kenny, Garrett & Kaz. Some girls after the show who had their hands in their ears during the set said it sounded like ‘acidic noise rage’. Some dude reciting Robert Frost poems after the show said we sounded ‘Epic Like Beowulf’ and/or something ‘Starring Crispin Glover’. Alright.

The AM Radio 530 recording was done on the drive home from the show. On the way there Garrett turned on the AM Radio and cranked the volume all the way up on a channel that was not getting any signal. We all rolled down the windows and let it blare out the car. On the drive home we recorded a bit trying to sing along with it.

Middle of A Midlife Crisis

Live set at the 2010 Hollow Earth Radio Magma Festival "grunge" night opening for such acts as The Thrown Ups, Tom Price & Friends, Sleepy Workers, Al Larsen, Human Skab, Butts, Rich Jensen & Alex Kostelnik. Players: Jake, Kaz, Garrett, Rachel, Jared, Erin, Zack, Kenny. Kieko joined the group as a dancer and spirited percussionist. Listen for the giant chain link fence that Zack destroyed a saxaphone against. We're all gimmick kids.

Black Mold

Live set at the New Crompton, Feb 25, 2010. Starring Bunker Kaziu, Rachel, Kenny, Garrett, Jake Fiolek. Featuring new performances by Matt Fu playing in his room during the set, Jared Harkness,Erin Birgy, Jonathan IJustMetHimForTheFirstTime, & Katherine for a short bit. An exorcism to remove the black mold that had at one time tried to consume the house.

Busy Man

Another impromptu Rachel/Garrett sesh. Highlight is when Amber & Kenny call in.

Unwelcome Houseguests

Everyone's on this. A bottle of wine. Scaring people who came over to visit.

Bite the Furniture (Miscommunication)

Therapy session. Rachel/Garrett.

Limitless Desert

This is just some night with just Rachel & Garrett. Rachel learns she can rock the drums and Garrett explores extreme detuning of guitar and simultaneous bugle playing.

First World Problems - Live At The Josephine, December 9, 2009

First real show. Zack is sick and can't play. Kenjob joins the band that night on trumpet and drums. We can't tell if we're making fun of noise bands or not.

Slow Jamz

First time w/ Jake before show the next night. For some reason everyone was really somber and mellow. My Printer Broke at its emo-core heart.

Fuck You Pizza Guy Sessions

So after a Hollow Earth Radio dj meetup, Garrett ended up ridiculously intoxicated & started inviting half of Capital Hill to play in a new stupid band. Rachel & Kaz showed up the next week for 'pratice'. This night was sort of marred by a really shitty pizza delivery guy who acted like a big dick when he dropped off a pizza for Zack.

Firecracker, Firecracker!

I believe this is the first time Zack and Garrett played together on their own.

Time Is When It Tells Time

This was recorded for the Ball of Wax audio quarterly as part of an experiment to create a 2 minute single in a genre you didn't feel completely comfortable with. Garrett decided to try to play with terrible distortion. For the Ball of Wax show My Printer Broke, played with a spontaneous cast of people who were already on stage and were 'taught' the 'song' seconds before playing it.